Guasha therapy

Ancient Chinese medicine effective in modern Western diseases

Guasha therapy holds an important place in traditional Chinese medicine. By working deeply Guasha relieves chronic pain, stress and fatigue complaints in a relatively short time.

During the treatment a flat disc of jade or horn and medicinal herb oil are used. Meridians (energy pathways) and reflex zones are treated with a soft pressure and scrape technique.

Guasha therapy is similar to acupuncture: Qi (energy) is stimulated and balanced, but without needles. The treatment however, is broader than that. Simultaneously with Qi, connective tissue, lymph flow and circulation are also activated. Guasha strengthens the immune system, regulates organ functions, reduces stress, boosts energy, brings inner balance and promotes detoxification. Local acidosis (acidification) often the main cause of pain dissolves quickly. Ones overall energy level often jumps up quickly.

This natural healing modality can also be used as in a preventive health care program. Promoting anti-aging, better sleep, overall fitness, improvement and total relaxation of body and mind.

Guasha activates the self-healing power of the body and removes blockages, both physical and emotional within a very short time. One feels fresh, bright and energetic.

Guasha therapy is very effective for numerous chronic symptoms.
For example migraine, RSI/CANS, mouse arm, tennis elbow, musicians-RSI, burn-out, neck and shoulder pain, (lower) back pain, sports injuries, sciatica, depression, stress, insomnia, lack of energy, pelvic instability, PMS, menopausal symptoms, high blood pressure, nerve pain, localized numbness, localized stiffness and fibromyalgia.

At De Qi van West we have applied this therapy for some time and successfully: generally one experiences instant improvement and is pain-free within a short time.

The golden triangle: Guasha, a healthy diet and detox! A particularly powerful combination. Your ideal weight, healthy and more energy! That’s why we give personal advice on easy to implement dietary adjustments and provide several detox treatments. 

Some client experiences can be found here.


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